The Heights of Lausanne

July 3, 2019

After visiting the Cité, Flon, Rôtillon, train station and Ouchy neighbourhoods, let’s set off to explore the heights above the town.

North of Lausanne, you’ll enjoy a view overlooking the whole town. Below, the various districts emerge with the Cathedral, the Bel-Air tower, the lake and mountains dominating the landscape.

A walk in Sauvabelin

Sauvabelin, with its forest and lake, forms Lausanne’s green oasis, as well as the most important part of that area when you look at a map of the heights above the city. A few minutes away from the town centre in public transport, you’re surrounded by nature. During a walk in the heart of a forest, you’d forget that the town is just below if you didn’t catch glimpses of it from time to time through the trees. The lake adds a romantic touch to the landscape, making Sauvabelin a calm interlude.

© LT/ Laurent Kaczor © LT/ Laurent Kaczor

The symbol of Sauvabelin, its tower, almost needs no introduction. This magnificent wooden structure is 35 metres high and allows you to enjoy a stunning 360-degree panorama on the town of Lausanne.

© F.Beaud Cedotec © F.Beaud Cedotec


The area above Lausanne also possesses cultural institutions that are well worth visiting. If you love fine arts, La Fondation de l’Hermitage presents every year two to three internationally renowned exhibitions. The museum’s charm is enhanced by the beauty of the manor house and the park that offers a magnificent view of Lausanne Cathedral, the lake and mountains.

© LT/Laurent Kaczor / © Fondation de l’Hermitage © LT/Laurent Kaczor / © Fondation de l’Hermitage

If you’d like to learn more about freshwater fish, head to Aquatis and its shiny building reminiscent of fish scales.

LT/Julien Dorol LT/Julien Dorol

Restaurants and cafés

The heights of Lausanne are not renowned for their large number of restaurants and cafés. However, you could do worse than to check out a few quality addresses.

In Chailly, there is a gourmet grocer’s shop, the Epicerie du Pont de Chailly, with luxurious furnishings and an assortment of high-quality products worthy of the posh grocery shops you expect in Paris.


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Ideal for breakfast, teatime and lunch, Romain C,will delight your taste buds with his patisseries, quiches, salads and open sandwiches.


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Brioche tropézienne rose & cerises, Tropezian brioche rose & cherry.

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L’Esquisse’s shady terrace, right next door to the Fondation de l’Hermitage, is a great place to chill while savouring a delicious home-made iced tea or tucking into a nice dish.

If you feel the urge for more traditional food, the , Le Chalet Suisse is the ideal place for a cheese fondue with a board of dried meat.

For seasonal dishes made from ingredients provided by local suppliers, try the Auberge du Chalet des Enfants. It’s also possible to visit its kitchen garden and taste the fruit and vegetable that are grown there.


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The summer heralds ice-cream season! The rather unusual Labo Gelateria located in a former bus shelter creates delicious flavours that change every week. It’s a real treat!


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The unexpected

Did you know that the area above Lausanne once was the home of an international star? Sauvabelin’s tranquillity attracted David Bowie, who resided at the Château du Signal for fifteen years.

Now you have all the information you need as well as our best suggestions to conquer the heights of Lausanne.

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