Sauvabelin lake

Bois de Sauvabelin
This magical spot, with its waterside animal park (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, peacocks and birds) and rustic restaurant surrounded by centuries-old oak forests, is only a bus ride away from Lausanne's shopping streets.

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Bois de Sauvabelin
1003 Lausanne

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The Sauvabelin site

Sauvabelin and its lake have been a gathering place for Sunday family outings, school trips and visitors since the 19th century. It is one of Lausanne's symbols of nature in the city, as it takes no more than 10 minutes to reach this lush green setting from the city centre.

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This artificial lake, excavated in 1889, used to be served by a cable railway and was an extremely popular tourist attraction.

Nowadays, Lake Sauvabelin is still a favourite family spot for the people of Lausanne.

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