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Hikes and walks starting from Lausanne

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
August 24, 2020

Are you looking for a real dose of nature, vast expanses of green meadow, and panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Alps? Thanks to Lausanne’s exceptional location, it’s very easy to escape the city for a day of outdoor recreation. We have put together a selection of our favourite hikes, each of which will exercise those leg muscles and treat you to spectacular vistas.

1. La Dent de Jaman

Hiking time: flexible, minimum 1 hour

Distance: flexible

Level of difficulty: difficult

From Lausanne: 1 hour 15 minutes, take the train to Montreux, then board the cogwheel railway to La Perche (for the shortest route).

The breathtaking views on the train ride to the starting point will have you in their thrall even before you start hiking. From the comfort of your seat, you will discover the “Swiss Riviera” and Lake Geneva while effortlessly ascending the mountain. Once you disembark at the “La Perche” stop, a short hike of about 30 minutes awaits you. The first part of the route is easy, but sturdy footwear is recommended to climb the last part, which is quite steep and rocky. However, the effort is more than worth it. Once you reach the top of the “Dent” (tooth), a 360° view opens up before you, making for an extremely photogenic resting place where you can soak in the beauty.

Our tip: Bring along a picnic to eat on the charming bench located on the peak of the Dent so you can experience the true meaning of “lunch with a view”.

Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme

2. La Tine de Conflens

Hiking time: approx. 1 hour (round trip)

Distance: 2 km (4-km round trip)

Level of difficulty: easy

From Lausanne: 24-minute train ride to Sarraz

The Tine de Conflens can be reached with a 30-minute walk through the forest. Once there, go down the steps (be careful, they can be slippery!) and discover the lovely waterfalls that make this place so stunning. You’ll feel like you have been transported to a tropical country, or even a fairy tale (and no, we’re not exaggerating). The water temperature is not for the faint-hearted, but we dare you to swim beneath the falls! This spot is very popular at the weekend, so we recommend choosing a weekday to visit if possible.

Our tip: A hike to the Tine de Conflens can easily be combined with a visit to the Dard waterfalls. To do this, we advise you to take the train to the Croy-Romainmôtier station (with a short detour to the abbey church, which is clearly worth the stop as it is so beautiful!), and then follow the path from the Dard waterfalls to the Tine de Conflens. This 11-km route from Romainmôtier to La Sarraz takes about 3 hours.

Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme
Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme

3. La Dent de Vaulion

Hiking time: approximately 3 hours

Distance: 10 km

Level of difficulty: intermediate

From Lausanne: 58-minute train ride to Pont

This is a very enjoyable hike and really worth the effort once you reach the top and take in the panoramic view that includes no less than eight lakes: Neuchâtel, Biel, Morat, Geneva, Brenet, Joux, Ter, and Rousses. Try to spot them all!

Our tip: The view is even more spectacular at sunset. Don’t forget to take a warm jacket with you (even in summer) to avoid getting chilled once you reach the final altitude of 1,482m!

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4. Les Rochers-de-Naye

Hiking time: 1 hour to the summit

Distance: just over 3 km

Level of difficulty: intermediate

From Lausanne: 64-minute train ride to Haut-de-Caux

Take the famous little cogwheel train from Montreux to get to the starting point. The higher you go, the more splendid the view! Once you arrive in Haut-de-Caux, you start the ascent on foot towards the Rochers-de-Naye. The trail is not technically difficult, but good footwear is necessary – and the climb is steep (more than 800 m of altitude difference!), so you might feel it in your calf muscles. Despite the challenge, don’t give up because the effort will make you appreciate the arrival at the top all the more. And once you reach the summit, you are guaranteed to be amazed by the one-of-a-kind view of the lake and the mountains!

Our tip: We all have those lazy days (yes, it’s a human thing), so if you find yourself in the mood to just go along for the ride, don’t worry. Simply get off at the “Rochers-de-Naye” stop if you want to enjoy the magnificent view without the slightest effort. As soon as you step off the cogwheel train, you will be surrounded by the stunning panorama.

5. Le Vallon des Vaux

Hiking time: approximately 3.5 hours

Distance: 12 km

Level of difficulty: easy

From Lausanne: 40-minute train ride to Yvonand

In our opinion, the Vallon des Vaux is the epitome of a haven of peace and tranquillity! With its fields stretching as far as the eye can see (and covered in a carpet of flowers in summer!), a breathtaking view of Lake Neuchâtel, and the accompanying birdsong, this walk is transformed into a relaxing and restful experience.

Our tip: Along the way, don’t miss out on a quick stop at the elliptical church of Chêne-Pâquier built in 1667!

Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme
Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme

6. Le Chemin des Narcisses

Hiking time: approximately 2 hours

Distance: 6 km

Level of difficulty: easy

From Lausanne: 45-minute train ride to Avants

This pleasant walk offers a panoramic view of Montreux, Lake Geneva and the mountains. It’s like strolling through a postcard! While crossing the numerous expansive meadows, you might feel like bursting into song with Julie Andrews (we’re sure you know who we’re talking about), but the view is so impressive that it might just take your breath away.

Our tip: The “Chemin des Narcisses”, or Daffodil Trail, is very aptly named. During the month of May, the surrounding green meadows are covered with daffodils (who would have guessed it?), which makes you feel like you’re walking down a snow-covered path. It’s no wonder this flower is known as “May snow”!

Lausanne Tourisme Lausanne Tourisme

7. La Tour de Gourze

Hiking time: approximately 1.5 hours

Distance: just over 6km

Level of difficulty: intermediate

From Lausanne: 8-minute train ride to Grandvaux – 15-minute return ride from Puidoux

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking view from the top of the tower! What’s more, the walk to get there from Grandvaux also allows you to discover Lavaux, an exceptional area whose terraced vineyards have earned it a designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And just to be on the safe side, the route is very well marked thanks to small yellow signs, so there is no risk of getting lost (even for those with absolutely no sense of direction).

Our tip: Once you arrive, let yourself be tempted by a delicious fondue served at the Tour de Gourze restaurant (the walk back is perfect for digesting your meal!).


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