An outing in Sauvabelin

Sébastien, the adventurer
Sébastien the adventurer
July 8, 2020

For a number of years now, my favourite destination has undoubtedly been Sauvabelin for various reasons, and that’s why it’s important for me to introduce it to you, even though it’s a well-known place for all kinds of reasons.

To go there, as I love motorcycling, I can ride on a less busy road and especially in nature. Far from the town and its traffic jams, the road leading to Sauvabelin is a pleasant one. Cyclists will also find it to their liking.

Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit

Talking of nature, that’s one of the main reasons for my choice. As I’ve always loved to be outdoors, in the mountains or by the lake, I’m particularly fond of wide-open green spaces. That’s why the Sauvabelin Forest is magical: only 10 minutes away from the centre, I’m still in the heart of Lausanne while feeling far away from town.

There are several paths surrounded by dense vegetation to wander around. If you have children, the playground will let them use up their energy, as will the little huts hidden in the forest. It’s worth noting that Sauvabelin is an oak nature reserve where human intervention has been banned for more than 50 years.

Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit
Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit

The lake also offers the opportunity to observe and photograph some unexpected encounters, such as with a heron. You can also enjoy a relaxing moment by walking round it, contemplating the reeds swaying in the gentle wind.

As for animals, there is a park where you can see cows, sheep, pigs, goats as well as chickens. Another opportunity for discovery and relaxation for both children and adults.

Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit
Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit
Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit

If you’re feeling hungry, the Pinte de Sauvabelin will welcome you with a view over the lake! I’m a fan of their burgers and the lakeside terrace is a good spot to recharge without leaving the oh-so-precious nature!

A stone’s throw away, you’ll come upon the legendary “Chalet Suisse” that will delight your taste buds. Everything on the menu is delicious! I try different dishes and go there several times during the year, whatever the season, as the place’s atmosphere is as enjoyable as their dishes.

Finally, the Sauvabelin Tower is not only legendary but also impressive by its architecture, as well as its view, overlooking the whole town. The combo with the lake, mountains and sunset makes it an unmissable spot for tourists and Lausanners alike, all those in search of relaxation, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sébastien Closuit Sébastien Closuit

If you choose to go to the Fondation de l’Hermitage to treat yourself to some culture, the park leads to huge fields with a flora that is just as pleasant to the eyes of strollers. The peace and tranquillity are such that you can enjoy a rest in the sun with a picnic or simply a nap.

In general, Sauvabelin is a true compromise for those in search of serenity and solitude, for those who wish to enjoy a sunny day with their family, for lovers of all kinds of architecture and photography, for those who wish to quench their thirst for art, for those who wish to eat traditional dishes in a peaceful setting or those who simply want all of the above!

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