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Lausanne rooftops

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
May 15, 2020

We are taking you up to the town’s rooftops, on those high-up terraces to admire the view and enjoy a refreshing drink.

The Royal Savoy’s SkyLounge

The Royal Savoy is one of Lausanne’s legendary hotels. Opened in 1909, it has welcomed key personalities from the world over. While it has retained its castle-like airs, the hotel was completely renovated in 2015. In addition to a brand-new interior, the Royal was endowed with a roof terrace: the SkyLounge. A space dedicated to the Culinary Journey, with 10 dishes that will take your taste buds on a trip around the world, at lunchtime and in the evening. And during the afternoon, you can enjoy snacks and desserts while sipping a cocktail.

The SkyLounge’s real asset, however, is its glass-covered space. Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the 360° view over the city, the lake and the Alps. Once seated, you really don’t want to leave the terrace.


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The MadHouse Rooftop

No, the MAD hasn’t set up a terrace on the club’s roof. The establishment has taken over the building where the nightclub was located more than 30 years ago and that housed until recently L’Hôtel and the Friends Café. The new MadHouse now features a bar on the ground floor, a hotel and a rooftop terrace.

The drinks menu is traditional and quite festive (this is the MAD, after all) and the rooftop is the perfect spot to gain some perspective over the town centre in the early evening. The red lights give you the feeling the party has already started, and you only need to choose your next stop in Lausanne nightlife.

Schweiz Tourismus / Giglio Pasqua Schweiz Tourismus / Giglio Pasqua

Hookah Bar & Rooftop

Being at the Hookah feels like being in your garden. Parasols, garden sofas and armchairs, … and yet, we really are in the heart of the buzzing Flon District.

So if you want to party on a rooftop, head to the Hookah as from 4 pm for the afterwork. The place specialises in extra-large cocktails and shishas. At the weekends, the rooftop also welcomes a DJ who will have you dancing until 2 in the morning. Before leaving, remember to take a look at the view. It too is extra-large.


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What are your favourite rooftops in Lausanne?

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