HEP, canton of Vaud

The HEP Vaud offers the full range of training services to the teaching professions. Situated at the heart of the tightly woven network of universities in the Lake Geneva region, into which it feeds and from which it benefits, the HEP Vaud is a leading player in research into educational science in Switzerland.
Within a general context marked by the increasingly complex nature of social relationships, the HEP Vaud prepares its students for the teaching professions and mentors them during their development. Against this background, it offers them good, solid training that combines both theory and practice, thus facilitating their integration into a professional environment.

The canton of Vaud has a very progressive policy when it comes to training and research. It is for this reason that numerous public and private institutions of international repute are based in Vaudois territory. The HEP Vaud, which belongs to the Swissuniversities network, is also developing strong links with partners at national and international level.
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