University of Music Lausanne (HEMU)

The University of Music Lausanne (HEMU) is an educational institution recognised both within and outside Switzerland for the calibre of its teaching staff and its role in training professional musicians. It shares its premises with the Conservatoire of Lausanne and is the only music school in French-speaking Switzerland to offer tuition in classical music and jazz.
The HEMU offers its students university-level training in classical and jazz music (bachelor and master) based on theory and practice, thus facilitating immediate access to the professional world on completion of the course. The HEMU belongs to the European Association of Conservatoires, which ensures that the quality of music teaching meets the highest standards.

A significant proportion of the work done at the HEMU is devoted to research. The aim of this is to establish links between education, interpretation and creation for the purpose of mutual enrichment. Research projects are often conducted in partnership with other institutions such as universities, foundations, audiovisual media groups and orchestras.


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