Rue du Grand-Pont
the Grand-Pont is the nerve centre of Lausanne. Located literally in the heart of the city, it offers remarkable views, particularly of the Cathedral. The original lower arches of this bridge dating from 1844 were buried when the Flon was covered over. This pillar - type fountain is an example of those installed around 1900 to replace the older water troughs.
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Sébastien, the adventurer
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Sébastien the adventurer
As photography is above all a passion in addition to being my job, the Grand Pont is one of the spots I like best at sunset. You can have a global view of the Flon, awash with life, while enjoying the colours provided by the last rays of light.
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The Grand-Pont was originally 180 metres long, reaching 25 metres at its greatest height and using two levels of 5 and 19 arches, respectively. Filling the Flon Valley made the lower level disappear in 1874. This monumental work radically changed the southwest view of the city, drawing out its outer limits. It became the symbol of the modern city and the industrial revolution that was beginning.
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