Parc Guillemin

An ideal park for relaxing with your family
Lausanne is full of beautiful parks perfect for taking a walk when the sun is shining. Parc Guillemin is located between Lausanne and Pully and is particularly suitable for families with its attractive playground which gives parents a chance to take a break in the shade of one of the park’s towering trees. There is even a deer enclosure and a paddling pool where the kiddies can cool off in the summer.
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Le parc Guillemin
Avenue Etienne Guillemin 5
1009 Pully


What the Lausanners think
«Parc Guillemin, better known as the “Parc des Biches” (Deer Park), is located between Lausanne and Pully. It’s the ideal place for families with a modern playground, deer enclosure and paddling pool for hot summer days. All you have to do is sit down on a bench or on the grass at the highest point in the park and enjoy the view of the lake while your kids play.»
Chloé, the family designer
Chloé, the family designer
«Between Lausanne and Pully, Guilleman Park is a place to enjoy while recharging your batteries practising yoga, letting off steam with a sports session or simply contemplating the magnificent view over the lake and the Alps.»
Charlotte, the dancer rider
Charlotte, the dancer rider
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