COFOP electrical cabinets

On the lookout for decorated electrical cabinets.

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Ratana, the chic mamma
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Ratana the chic mamma
As you round a corner, what could be more fun than discovering electrical cabinets that proudly display a COFOP-signed graffiti? An urban object diverted as street art that delights the curious strollers who set out to spot them across the whole town. It’s pure eye candy. Endowed with a touch of humour and lightheartedness, such as “Lozanup, la ville qui monte” (“Lozanup, the city that climbs”) or “Lausangeles”, these graffiti will brighten up your day.

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Since 2009, the students of COFOP (Centre d’orientation et de formation professionnelles, that is Vocational Guidance and Training Centre) have set out to brighten up the electrical cabinets belonging to the Lausanne Industrial Services. Thanks to them, the electrical cabinets become integral parts of urban furniture. There are between 500 and 600 in town, so that makes for an interesting walk to spot them!