Place de la Palud

Situated in the city centre a short distance from Rue Centrale, Place de la Palud is a very popular spot among pedestrians and highly sought-after by tourists. An animated clock presents historical vignettes every hour; Wednesdays and Saturdays are the market days here. Behind the square, 150 steps lead to Notre-Dame Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the country. In the interior can be found sinister crypts, scary gargoyles and staircases to be avoided if you are claustrophobic. Climb up to the top to admire the views of the town and, on the other side of the lake, Evian in France.

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Lausanne, Place de la Palud

Pont Bessières

The idea of building a “pont de la Caroline” (Caroline bridge) at the Industrial School was nothing new, with plans already having been put forward in 1829. These plans were put on hold until 1901, however, when Mr Charles Bessières, a banker in Lausanne and a gentleman of this city, bequeathed the sum of CHF 500,000 for a specific purpose under the express condition that the Cité-École Industrielle bridge should be built before its upstream counterpart, the École de Médecine-Cathédrale bridge.

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Lausanne, pont Bessières