The Lausanner : Urban Nature
The Lausanner : Urban Nature

The Lausanner: Urban Nature


Come summer, some cities are left devoid of life, and some are suddenly teeming with visitors – Lausanne is the latter. Over the past few years, both the city’s authorities and local business owners have worked hard to capitalise on Lausanne’s incredible shorefront location next to one of the biggest and cleanest lakes in Europe. This year, for example has seen a new beach facility developed in Bellerive outside the Jetée de la Compagnie bar.

Another summer development that’s got foodies jumping for joy is a myriad of new artisan ice cream kiosks, many of which are manned by actual Italians with incredibly tasty, closely-guarded recipes. We catch up with a few Lausanne locals, who tip you off on their favourite spots for ice cream.

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