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From 05 Sep 2020 to 06 Sep 2020

Open wine cellars in the canton of Vaud

If there’s a not-to-be-missed event in the canton of Vaud, it’s the Vaud Open Cellar Days ! There’s holiday flair and relaxation throughout the canton during this weekend. The six wine-growing regions all join in this event and the 300 participating cellars offer a wide range of wines waiting to be discovered.
It gives visitors two days to sample, buy or order the wines they want at the production sites of their choice. Whether on foot, by car or by public transport, visitors are free to draw up their own itinerary... these Open Wine Cellar days provide an opportunity to discover or rediscover a region steeped in tradition and sentiment. With more than 300 cellars involved, it is a varied and festive programme.


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From 05 Sep 2020 to 06 Sep 2020

Useful information

Open Wine cellar passport:
• A glass of “caves ouvertes” wine
• Sampling of local produce
• 300 cellars to discover
• Free public transport in the Mobilis zones and free shuttles
• A purchase voucher of CHF 12 when you purchase 6 bottles in a cellar of your choice

Purchase your Vaud Open Cellar Days pass on site from one of the participating cellars or in one of the collection points at CHF 30 / per person

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