From 21 Jan 2022 to 29 May 2022

Trésors de la Fondation des Treilles

Fondation de l'Hermitage
Arp, Brauner, Ernst, Picasso, Takis…
For the first time in Switzerland, the Fondation de l’Hermitage is showing a selection of the greatest masterpieces of the Fondation des Treilles, including works by Arp, Braque, Brauner, Dubuffet, Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Klee, Lalanne, Léger, Picasso, and Takis. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to view the collection of Anne Gruner Schlumberger (1905-1993). The Fondation des Treilles is based in Tourtour, in the south of France.
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Fondation de l'Hermitage
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From 21 Jan 2022 to 29 May 2022

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