Oron Castle

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Located 20 minutes from Lausanne and Montreux, the castle of Oron invites visitors to explore it on their own, including the keep and the wall-walk. This fortress of the 12th century is also well known for its rooms that are at the disposal of professional and private events.

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Oron Castle controlled the passage from Broye valley for 900 years. This historic monument of national importance has been the property of Association pour la Conservation du Château d’Oron since 1936.

The upper floor of the castle was inhabited by a wealthy middle-class family in the 18th century: majestic entrance, old kitchen, six sitting rooms, and one music room. The library (18,000 books) contains most novels published in French between 1775 and 1825, some of which are unique editions: this is the world’s most important private collection of that period.

The ground floor contains four rooms open to castle guests. Banquets, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries offer the pretext to experience, in one “Murder & Mystery” evening, the atmosphere of the castle steeped in history.