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Sport and the Olympic Movement

In Lausanne, the development of the city is bound up with sport!
Whether you prefer the lake or the mountains, the exceptional setting of Lausanne makes it a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Whether it's cross-country skiing, golf, skateboarding or curling, sport is an integral part of the environment in Lausanne. This is why the City of Lausanne supports it at every level and in every form. Major projects are under way to offer residents and visitors alike even more efficient sporting facilities, as well as a superb natural environment.

On an institutional level, the importance of sport in Lausanne is underlined by the presence of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which established its headquarters here in 1914. Since then, around twenty sports federations have
chosen to be based on the shores of Lake Geneva. Inaugurated in 2006, the Maison du sport international houses under
one roof several main movers in international sports administration, twenty or so international sports federations and
organisations, and around ten enterprises active in the field of sports. Lausanne, which already revelled in its status as
Olympic Capital, thus benefits step by step from its wider reputation as an administrative capital for sport.