CFF travel cards

General CFF travel cards from the City of Lausanne

Conditions for obtaining

Any adult (from 16 years old) domiciled on the territory of the City of Lausanne may buy one of the general CFF travel cards, made out in their name and entitling them to travel 2nd class, in the form of day tickets (AG-Flexi). These can be obtained from the City of Lausanne at a cost of CHF 49.-

  • Travel cards may be purchased from the Lausanne Tourisme tourist information center located next to the Lausanne CFF railway station, at the following address: Av. Louis-Ruchonnet 1, 1003 Lausanne (open every day from 9 AM till 6 PM), which has been commissioned by the Municipal Council for this purpose
  • Travel cards are valid for no more than three days of use in a calendar month
  • AG-Flexi tickets may be bought within one month prior to the departure date and may not under any circumstances be reserved, refunded or changed
  • In the event of abuse, the City will be forced to prohibit the persons concerned from using these day tickets.

Availability of the travel cards

In order to know the availability of these cards, you can call Lausanne Tourisme at the number ++41 21 613 73 92. For information about the applicable zones and the conditions of use of the travel cards, please telephone Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (calls cost CHF 1.19 per minute) or ask at the CFF information desk at Lausanne station.