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Taking advantage of the great outdoors in Lausanne

On the programme are truly innovative performing arts shows, concerts in lush green surroundings and cruises in the breeze because Lake Geneva is so beautiful. In short, we celebrate, we share great moments and we breathe.

Chillout on a terrace

Trendy, student-friendly, hidden away, with a panoramic view, in the city centre or surrounded by greenery: a small selection of the most beautiful terraces in Lausanne.


Music festivals

For electro sounds, don’t miss the festival les Digitales at Denantou park in Lausanne, opposite Lake Geneva. Numerous music festivals take place in the city of Lausanne. The quality of the programmes, the infrastructures and the exceptionally scenic setting near Lake Geneva all make for unmissable gatherings.

A cruise on Lake Geneva

(c)Claude Jaccard (c)Claude Jaccard

The largest lake in Europe – facing Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Europe – is on your doorstep! To sail on Lake Geneva is to be face-on to the Alps, following the vineyards along the shoreline, its castles and the Jura mountains, passing the fabulous Yvoire, a medieval town, or even skimming past Geneva’s Jet d’Eau fountain. In short, it is beautiful!

A cruise on Lake Geneva