Terms of Use

MyLausanne Facebook Page

erms of Use for the MyLausanne Facebook Page operated by Lausanne Tourisme

Lausanne Tourisme is a non-profit economic association; its purpose is to encourage development and promote tourism in Lausanne and its region. 
Its MyLausanne Facebook Page pursues the same objectives.


The MyLausanne Facebook Page brings together an international community of all ages whose members share a common interest in the city of Lausanne. This public platform is therefore used to share photos, news, video clips and articles. Every user is free to express their opinion and post content, thereby contributing to the active online use of the Page.

The present Terms of Use have been drawn up for the attention of MyLausanne Facebook Page users to define the conditions for the peaceful and user-friendly use of its exchange forums.
By “liking” the Facebook Page the user fully and unreservedly accepts the present Terms of Use. He or she likewise undertakes to observe said Terms every time he or she visits the Page.

User’s Rights and Obligations

As a user of the MyLausanne Facebook Page you undertake to ensure that the content of your contributions is in keeping with the applicable laws and regulations; that it is not in breach of public order or the accepted principles of morality; and that it does not infringe the rights of individual persons.

You are therefore prohibited from publishing any of the following on the MyLausanne Facebook Page:

  • Any contributions regarded as abusive, obscene, vulgar or likely to offend the sensibilities of others, particularly other members of the community.
  • Contributions that are contrary to, or likely to be contrary to, public order, the accepted principles of morality or the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Contributions corresponding to a business activity or commercial enterprise, with links to commercial sites.
  • Contributions infringing, or likely to infringe, the rights of third parties and personality rights.
  • Contributions infringing, or likely to infringe, the image or reputation of a brand or natural or legal person.

By becoming a user of the MyLausanne Facebook Page, you also undertake to abide by the following rules:

  • Your contributions are to observe the courtesy necessary for the smooth running of the debates.
  • Your contributions are to use language that is both correct and comprehensible.
  • Your contributions are not to be repetitive in character.


The discussion forum of the MyLausanne Facebook Page is moderated retrospectively by a community manager with the aim of ensuring a peaceful use of the Page and allow constructive debates between users.

By becoming a user of the MyLausanne Facebook Page you acknowledge the community manager’s option to monitor contributions and remove at any time any comments in breach of the provisions set out in the paragraph entitled User’s Rights And Obligations. Users who are recurrently in breach of the Terms of Use are likely to be banned from the community.


The community manager will do his utmost to prevent contributions that are contrary to the laws and regulations and/or contrary to public order and the accepted principles of morality. However as the contributions posted by users go on line instantly and are monitored only thereafter, Lausanne Tourisme cannot guarantee the legality, probity or quality of the contributions posted on its Facebook Page.

Contributions posted on the MyLausanne Facebook Page are posted under the sole responsibility of the users who put them online. Lausanne Tourisme shall in no way be responsible for these contributions and the consequences of their dissemination.


The user guarantees to Lausanne Tourisme that he or she holds all the necessary rights for the publication and dissemination of the contributions placed online. The photos and videos placed on line on the MyLausanne Page can be shared by Lausanne Tourisme with other members of the community, providing the source is cited.

Changes to the MyLausanne Facebook Page

As the terms and conditions of access to, and use of, the MyLausanne Facebook Page are regulated by Facebook, they are subject to change, which does not preclude the application of the present Terms.

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