Plaines de Vidy
Vidy en automne

Plaines de Vidy

Here, each can truly do their own thing, because it has everything: history with a capital H, sport, boats and picnics, theatre and camping, strolls and competitions, delicacies and silence. To visitors of the Vaud capital, Expo 64, the national exhibition, is still regarded as boasting an exceptional leisure area by the lake which has nothing like the appearance it had before.

The Gallo-Roman ruins of Lousonna used to enjoy a privileged location where roads and waterways crossed. From the end of the first century BC, this city thrived under the vibrancy of the Roman Empire, Mediterranean imports marrying with the indigenous Celtic culture. In the 4th century AD, it was progressively deserted in favour of the hill of the Cité, the birthplace of the current city. The remains include a complete forum, with a public area and the foundations of a basilica (civic and commercial centre), a temple and several living and artisan districts. As for the Roman museum of Lausanne-Vidy, it is housed on the grounds of an ancient Roman villa.


Route de Vidy
CH-1006 Lausanne

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