Lausanne is the best city to get fit!

Clarence, the sporty spice
Clarence the sporty spice
April 11, 2022

What can be better than enjoying all that a great city has to offer and getting fit at the same time?! This can be so easy you don’t even realize you are already doing it! The locals are lucky to live in the vibrant city of Lausanne, which has more steps, hills and levels than any other city in Switzerland. Well, let’s use them! Climb those stairs in your daily routine.

Step into Lausanne!

I recommend the Escaliers du marché. Did you know that there are an amazing 137 steps from Place de la Riponne up to the Cathedral? Try do them all in one go and your prize will be a breathtaking view of the city at the top!

Maxime Genoud Maxime Genoud

Vidy Vitality!

Go for a walk or maybe a jog along the shores of the magnificent Lac Léman by Vidy. Pick up the pace and enter Stade de Coubertin, a lakeside athletics track where you can imagine yourself competing in the Olympic Games as you do a few laps of the track! If you are feeling particularly energetic, you can follow the Parcours Vita, a 2.1km trail through the forest at Vidy featuring 15 exercise stations.

Julia Varela Julia Varela
Julia Varela Julia Varela

Staying in the Vidy area, check out the Rowing–club Lausanne for introduction classes on the lake and try the unique RowFit classes for a full body workout!

Make a splash in the lake!

Feeling a little bit hot after all your working out? Why not take a dip in the refreshing lake water. At the dedicated swimming areas in Ouchy and Jetée de la Compagnie you have the option of easing yourself into the water toe by toe from the pontoon or just jumping in from the rocks if you are feeling brave! Once in the water you can set yourself a challenge of setting out for a longer swim or just having a splash around with friends.

Julia Varela Julia Varela

Lausanne – the fittest apéro spot!

If you are on your way from Lausanne Gare to the centre of Lausanne to meet some friends for apéro, challenge yourself by walking up Rue du Petit-Chêne – a famous little steep street known by everyone in Lausanne. You might be out of breath by the time you get to the top but your apéro will never have tasted so good!

Breaks and rest are as important as your workout

We are not going to the Olympics even though we are in the Olympic capital! Remember that rest is part of your training. Yoga at the Jetée de la Compagnie, a stop at the Royal Savoy spa or indulging in a massage will help you “cut away” from the hectic schedule. Don’t be afraid of even taking a break of two-three weeks every now and then. If you have been training regularly you will not lose your physical condition. My recommendation is to have your break and avoid feeling guilty, just plan and prioritize your “back to sport” plan so that when your break is over you are ready to train hard again.

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