Théâtre de Vidy

Théâtre de Vidy

Known across Europe, the Théâtre de Vidy puts on 35 to 40 shows a year, showcasing contemporary stagecraft, circus acts and plays for children. This “theatre on the water’s edge” is blessed with an idyllic location near Lake Geneva in Lausanne.

Although the Théâtre de Vidy favours contemporary art and young talent, all kinds of shows grace its four stages. The original stage called the Salle Charles Apothéloz can accommodate 400 spectators, while the more intimate La Passerelle seats 100. A stage tent and rehearsal room are also part of the facilities available.

The origin of the Théâtre de Vidy goes back to the Swiss National Exhibition in 1964 when the Zurich architect Max Bill was asked to create a temporary theatre. More than 50 years later, the Théâtre de Vidy is still in its original place on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Promoting the knowledge of and a love for stagecraft is one of the theatre’s vocations. Guided tours backstage, performances for children from the age of 4 and even a babysitting service so parents can come to the theatre more often are just some of the activities and services on offer.

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