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From the lakeside to Jorat forest, passing through the town centre or typical districts, Lausanne has an abundance of walking tours for novices, temporary visitors or curious local residents.

  • Panoramic stroll

    Set on a hillside facing Lake Geneva and the mountains, Lausanne offers walkers a series of extensive panoramic views.

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  • Balade insolite du centre-ville

  • Balade insolite du quartier sous-gare

  • Balade insolite de Sauvabelin à la Cité

  • The modern city

    Until 1850, almost all of Lausanne stood within the medieval wall.

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  • The City and its water

    Water excavated the lake, sculpted the hills on which the city stands, and decided - between the lakeshore and the hills - where human activity would be concentrated.

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  • Old town

    For eight millennia, the site of Lausannes original settlement has been wedged between lakeshore and the “Cité”.

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  • Olympic walk

    ‘The sense of independence and pride nurtured by the city of Lausanne and its people provides Olympism with the kind of unwavering liberty it needs to prosper’.

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