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From 02 Sep 2021 to 05 Sep 2021


Manège du Chalet-à-Gobet
Equissima® Lausanne aims to bring together the best athletes of the main equestrian disciplines (dressage, show jumping, eventing, horse teams and aerobatics) during a weekend in one single site. A unique show in Switzerland which allows exchanges as well as conviviality around a star: the horse.
The first national Equissima horseriding meeting, organised by the Lausanne Equestrian Club, took place in 1994.

The competition site, which is located at Chalet-à-Gobet on the Peccau plain, plays host to classic events such as combined driving (dressage, obstacle driving and marathon) and the full horseriding competition (dressage, jumping and eventing). There is also a blacksmiths competition, and demonstrations of trick riding and a pony paddock for children.


Manège du Chalet-à-Gobet
Adresse Route de Berne 304
1000 Lausanne 25




From 02 Sep 2021 to 05 Sep 2021

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