The 01 May 2023

Panathlon Family Games

Divers lieux
The Lausanne Panathlon Club, in collaboration with the region’s sports clubs, the City of Lausanne’s sports service, Lausanne Region and the SEPS (physical education and sports service), are organising the 11th edition of the Panathlon Family Games on Sunday, May 1, 2022, in 3 locations in the north part of town.
The Panathlon Family Games provide young people with the opportunity to discover around 30 sports for free through 30-minute introductions led by instructors. After these games, the young people can get in touch with the club of their choice, become a member and start practising a sport actively.

The Panathlon Family Games are organised every year in springtime and many girls take part in them. The people who have registered are invited to try all the types of sport. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to accompany their children or grandchildren to share these active and sociable moments.

- More than 30 sports to choose from
- Introductions free for children aged 6 and over
- Open to the whole family

This edition will be organised in 3 locations in the north of Lausanne:
- La Pontaise Olympic Stadium: welcome, introductions to sports, catering services, exhibitors’ village
- Beaulieu sports halls (north halls): welcome, introductions to sports, limited catering
- Vieux Moulin omnisports hall: introductions to sports and snack bar

Mandatory registrations as from March 15, 2022.


Divers lieux




The 01 May 2023

Useful information

May 1st, 2022, from 9am to 5pm

Mandatory registrations. More information on the official website.

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