Accessible zones for dogs

Lausanne has 16 large public parks and about twenty small green areas, which are much appreciated by tens of thousands of walkers, but also by the 3,000 or so dogs present in the city.

Since 2004, dog-friendly areas have been available in public parks and along the lakeshore. In most parks, and in almost every neighbourhood, free dog areas have been expanded or created.

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1003 Lausanne

How to get there

- Bleu: En laisse
- Jaune: En laisse selon saison
- Rouge: Interdit

La cartographie à valeur d’information indicative; la signalisation sur place fait foi.

Hermitage Park

This magnificent country park boasts one of the best vantage points in Lausanne. But the panoramic views are by no means the only attribute of the Hermitage. As the setting for an internationally renowned museum and spectacular trees, it blends nature and culture at the same time.

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