The Department of Architecture of the EPFL, and now the Institute of Architecture, has been organising exhibitions and conferences open to the public since 1974. The programme is aimed not just at specialists in the field, but also any member of the public interested in learning about the stakes, the latest developments and the history of our built environment.
Archizoom: Making better use of space
Ordinary people have a complex and ambiguous relationship with architecture, being clients, guinea pigs, spectators, legislators, detractors, etc. It is an emotional relationship that is lived out on a daily basis, and yet so badly formulated, rarely endowed with meaning. Situated on the EPFL campus, the Archizoom space represents a new initiative aimed at encouraging dialogue and establishing a partnership between the profession, the public and the student body.
In addition to the notion of zooming in on architecture, the space takes its name from Archizoom Associati, a firm of architects formed in Florence in the 1960s and emblematic of how architecture is seen in society. The movement was the subject of the opening exhibition following the redefinition of this venue in 2007.
Archizoom is thus a point of reference for external visitors. Its activities invigorate the campus and are a shop window for the School of Architectural, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC). As a tool for communicating architecture, urban planning, construction and the environment, Archizoom is a catalyst for the broadening of education and research. Archizoom’s exhibitions and conferences are marked by a spirit of curiosity, experimentation and lively discussion.
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From 01 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022
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