La Pinte

A cordial welcome, festive dishes made from local produce or with Mediterranean flair: La Pinte is a lively restaurant in the heart of Crissier. The quality and friendliness of this young restaurant have been rewarded with 12 GaultMillau points.
Boss Paula De Melo and Chef Christophe Chatellain offer regional terroir specialties as well as French- or Italian-inspired dishes. Cassolette d’escargot served Bourguignon style with their shells flavoured with dock, tagliatelle allo scoglio, Chinese fondue with rib steak or crème brûlée with Raisinée from the Gros-de-Vaud region, and more. The wine card has many local wines to choose from but also a few from elsewhere as well as a selection of great vintages and prestigious designations.
#Regional cuisine


Rue d'Yverdon 4
1023 Crissier


+41 21 635 10 61


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Closed Monday evening and Sunday all day
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