It features three sumptuous Lausanne gardens, situated one after the other along the quays: the Denantou, the Elysée, a little further back, and the Olympic Park, but also the rose garden of Place du Général Guisan, which boasts more than 130 different species of rose. Finally, from the CGN landing stages located at the bottom of the Dapples gardens you can embark for a unique cruise over Lake Geneva.

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Sébastien, the adventurer
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Sébastien the adventurer
I’m often in Paris, so I realise how lucky Lausanners are to have that lake! Just walking in Ouchy or diving in Lake Geneva is a pure moment of happiness.

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This is one of the favourite Sunday walks of both inhabitants of Lausanne and visitors. Pedestrians, cyclists and roller sports enthusiasts share the richly flowered and tree-lined quays, first opened in 1901. From the faux-ruined Haldimand tower to Bellerive swimming-pool via Ouchy castle, now a luxury hotel, the landing stage and the port of Ouchy, this promenade follows three parks. The walk can be extended eastwards towards Lutry and westwards as far as Saint-Sulpice.

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