The beautiful 12th century Romanesque church beside the lake at this small village to the west of Lausanne is a moving witness to medieval times.
The broad lawn in front of the landing stage (boat service from Lausanne-Ouchy) and the children's playground with pond and observation tower give this waterside spot a delightful atmosphere. Nearby is the tiny fishermen's port of Les Pierrettes.
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Sentier de la Roselière
1025 St-Sulpice


What the Lausanners think
«At the end of St-Sulpice, at the Débarcadère Park, begins a small path that seems quite mysterious. It runs alongside the lake between the magnificent lakeside houses and the small wild beaches. Following it, we arrive at St-Sulpice beach that has remained almost entirely wild. Between the forest and the long, white sandy beaches, this place will delight the adventurous souls who wish to get off the beaten tracks while remaining close to Lausanne.»
Victor, the hunter of instants
Victor, the hunter of instants
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