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School of Nursing Sciences

The HEdS La Source, the world's first college for lay nurses, provides training at a high level which covers the human, scientific and technical aspects of the profession.
More than 800 students follow a variety of study programmes at the HEdS La Source. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses designed to cater for health care professionals throughout their career (bachelor, CAS, DAS …).

The bachelor strand provides general training with a strong emphasis on practice. Postgraduate training courses are designed in partnership with other universities of applied sciences (HES) active in the fields of social and health care in French-speaking Switzerland, and with universities, institutions and practice facilities.


Avenue Vinet 30
1004 Lausanne


+41 21 641 38 00


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tl 2: Vinet; tl 3, 21: Beaulieu-Jomini