Valency Park

Parc de Valency
Recently remodelled, the upper part of Valency Park plays on Mediterranean impressions: its white gravel walkway shaded by lime trees is reminiscent of the "Places de Lices" (tournament areas) in the south of France where they play games of petanque. Indeed, the gravel replaced lawns that were a sorry sight in the summer due to the shade produced by those great trees.

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Dominik, the arch-photo fan
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Dominik the arch-photo fan
The perfect place for a view over the lake at sunset… It’s also one of my favourite spots to admire the symphony of autumn colours

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In the heart of this beautiful array of walkways and side paths there is a rectangular pool with a decorative stone sculpture of a foal. In the south-west, a grassy incline leads to a flat area where an extraordinary avenue of copper beech juts up, alongside the lower path. Today, the southern part of the park receives more sunlight, thanks to some thinning of vegetation that had grown too dense. Towards the west of the park, near the swimming pool, are a charming panoramic terrace and a games area, in the shade of a woody grove. Valency Park once formed part of a vast tract of countryside, from which the castle remains below together with a private estate.

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