A walk in Lausanne parks

Alix, the flower power
Alix the flower power
September 6, 2023

Not by chance is Lausanne considered one of the greenest cities in Europe. With a whole 350 hectares dedicated to green spaces spread across fifteen or so parks, a haven of nature is never far away. Having roamed every green area of this city extensively, I invite you to come with me and stroll together in 5 of these parks…

Elysée Park

Let’s begin our walk in Elysée Park, a stone’s throw from the lake and the Olympic Museum. A must-visit to admire the famous cherry tree alley in full blossom at the beginning of spring, this park offers a grand panorama over the lake and the Haute-Savoie mountains.

At dawn, a particular serenity reigns there, before the tourists visiting the Olympic Museum begin to flock in. It’s also at this early hour that I often meet foxes out and about and admire the many species of birds.

Mon-Repos Park

Let’s carry on our walk and admire what is for me one of the most beautiful parks in the city. This is where I recharge my batteries, with the feeling of roaming inside a living and colourful painting. Take a seat in the amphitheatre behind Mon-Repos Villa and imagine the performances of Zaïre with Voltaire that took place in this very spot more than 250 years ago.

The beauty of this park reveals itself all year long, but autumn remains for me the most privileged moment. It’s at this time of the year that I love to capture the chromatic metamorphosis of the trees, particularly the ginkgo biloba and the Japanese maple.

Montriond Hill

I’m particularly fond of this hill, near Milan Park and Lausanne’s botanical garden. Before heading there, I strongly recommend stopping at Loom’s to savour an ice cream (special mention for the peanut and black sesame flavours). Ice cream in hand, let yourself be surprised by the luxuriant vegetation between light and shade as you walk up the charming paths. At the top, an esplanade overlooking the town awaits you, offering a breathtaking perspective on the lake and surrounding mountains. As you head down, I suggest you walk by the Montriond family gardens.

Valency Park

Let’s continue our walk in the western part of Lausanne, towards Valency Park. I take pleasure in going there in the autumn, when the 80 linden trees of the main alley take on their most beautiful shimmering colours. It’s a very inspiring park for photography, what with a sublime perspective that highlights the stone statue of the foal that is so characteristic of this place. Further down, the park extends over a vast expanse, where you can admire several specimens of copper beaches that are particularly worth checking out.

Hermitage Park

Let’s finish our bucolic stroll by admiring the sunset from Hermitage Park, the place where the light at the end of the day appeals to me the most. It’s ideal for photo enthusiasts and I love to go there from the end of summer until the beginning of autumn, when the cosmoses and dahlias are in full bloom. The last sunrays, together with a light breeze, create a fairy-like atmosphere where flower and grasses seem to dance in harmony. It’s the ideal spot to end the day and share a picnic in an intimate setting.

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