Parc Mon-Repos

Of all the beautiful parks which make up the historical natural heritage of Lausanne, Mon-Repos is without a doubt the most extraordinary: exceptional for the diversity of its architectural elements (neo-Gothic tower, waterfall, neo-Classical temple, orangerie, aviaries etc.), and also for the richness of the documentation in our possession and for the harmony of the ensemble.
A true haven of peace and freshness at the heart of the city, this place is made for walks, meditation and observation. It is also a pleasant community park that offers welcome play areas for children. But Parc Mon-Repos is so much more than that: it is also a remarkable witness of the landscaped garden movement which developed in Europe from the second half of the 18th century, telling us of a time and a place abundant with cerebral debates, cultural exchanges and intellectual enlightenment.


1004 Lausanne


Useful information

Bus tl 13: Mon-Repos
Bus tl 6,7: Ours
Metro m2: Ours

What the Lausanners think
«Take a stroll between the aviaries, stables and orangery (now home to artists' studios), visit the neo-Gothic tower and its waterfall, sit and read at the feet of the giant sequoia, or stop for a bite to eat at the Folie Voltaire...»
Camille, the spontaneous shutterbug
Camille, the spontaneous shutterbug
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