Vallée de la Jeunesse

Rollerskaters can weave and speed for hundreds of yards without crossing a road, and strollers admire masses of roses set amid sloping lawns. With its gently sloping paths, thousands of rose bushes and extraordinary architecture, the Vallée de la Jeunesse seems almost surreal, as if frozen in time.
Its four highlights: a particularly ingenious play area, a magnificent rose garden, a natural incline borrowed by expert skaters and, to top it off, the Espace des inventions, an interactive science museum for children and a play zone. And to extend your walk, simply follow the path along the plains of Vidy and the shores of the lake.
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1003 Lausanne



Useful information

- Play areas.
- Slopes for skating and rollerblading.
- A play zone.
- Public toilets.
- Zones accessible to dogs.

What the Lausanners think
«I love taking a stroll through its sloping paths where city life and nature meet, between parks as well as buildings put in place for the Swiss national exposition of 1964.»
Dominik, the arch-photo fan
Dominik, the arch-photo fan
«A “must do” in Lausanne for all skateboard fans or fans of any other way of speeding DOWNHILL! This magnificent park owes its name to Expo 64. It’s always a pleasure to speed down this perfect slope! No less than 1 km of flawless bitumen, asphalt humps and hillocks just waiting for skateboarders, no cars and all this criss-crossing a splendid garden containing 8000 varieties of roses.»
Pierre, the asphalt snowboarder
Pierre, the asphalt snowboarder
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