Top spots in Lausanne for digital nomads

What if you visited the Olympic Capital while continuing to work? Lausanne is the perfect place for digital nomads in search of an inspiring environment. All the more so as the possibilities for exchanges, professional encounters and creative spaces are many. Discover where you can set up your laptop during your stay in Lausanne.

Collaborative spaces

What is the promise of those spaces that become the office of digital nomads for a week, a day or even an hour? To exchange ideas, meet workers in all fields and from all horizons and create new collaborations… all that in an extremely well-equipped work setting that’s conducive to innovation. Discover our selection of collaborative workspaces in Lausanne.


Gotham: the largest

Gotham Lausanne Flon provides a suitable working environment that helps workers, entrepreneurs and companies to connect and work more efficiently, while encouraging collaboration and innovation.



Work’n’Share: the closest to the lakeside

There, you’ll find all the services that ensure ideal working conditions: high-speed wifi, screens and keyboards, phone booths, printer and scanner, meeting rooms, furnished kitchen and shower, as well as unlimited coffee, tea and fruit.



T19bis: the most chilled out

At T19bis, all kinds of people engaged in all kinds of activities can meet and exchange ideas in a welcoming atmosphere.



Cospire: the most design

Cospire is a space open to startups, offsite workers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs and anyone else who needs to get things moving.



Sev52: the most accessible, 24/7

Open to all, Sev52 is conducive to the most diverse exchanges of ideas. You can come to settle down, share and work (or not). The only thing all the users have in common are the desires to get out of their own home and broaden their horizons.



Impact Hub: the most international

Impact Hub Lausanne enables everyone to access an innovation ecosystem in which people collaborate beyond organisations, cultures and generations to resolve the greatest challenges of our times.



The Rolex: the most academic

Built on the campus of EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the Rolex Learning Center designed by the internationally acclaimed Japanese architectural practice, SANAA, will function as a laboratory for learning, a library with 500,000 volumes and an international cultural hub for EPFL, open to both students and the public.


Cafés to telework

Working with the delicious aroma of coffee tickling your nostrils is possible in Lausanne! Choose an establishment, settle down comfortably and let your creativity loose.

When it’s time for an afterwork

After a good day’s work, it’s time to chill and enjoy the frenzied afterworks in the Olympic Capital. With a view, on the lakeside, in the town centre… there are many options. Now all you’ve got to do is give them all a try.