Rue du Liseron 7
175 CHF
This coworking space, and its many services, is located a stone’s throw from the lakeside.

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Rue du Liseron 7
1006 Lausanne

How to get there

Occasional coworkers (5 days, from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm)

190 CHF

Occasional coworkers (10 days + 1 free day, from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm)

380 CHF

Occasional coworkers (6 days per month, 24/7)

175 CHF

Regular coworkers (monthly pass, unlimited access, 24/7)

345 CHF


It features three sumptuous Lausanne gardens, situated one after the other along the quays: the Denantou, the Elysée, a little further back, and the Olympic Park, but also the rose garden of Place du Général Guisan, which boasts more than 130 different species of rose. Finally, from the CGN landing stages located at the bottom of the Dapples gardens you can embark for a unique cruise over Lake Geneva.

Cruise on Lake Geneva (CGN)

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For a romantic or a gourmet cruise or simply to cross Lake Geneva, the ships of the General Navigation Company are a must during your vacation in Switzerland. Embark at Lausanne-Ouchy and travel to one of the forty ports on the Swiss or French shores of Lake Geneva.

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There, you’ll find all the services that ensure ideal working conditions: high-speed wifi, screens and keyboards, phone booths, printer and scanner, meeting rooms, furnished kitchen and shower, as well as unlimited coffee, tea and fruit.

In a homely atmosphere, Work’n’Share offers, for all those who are in search of a friendly space, a vibrant community of coworkers that organises many events according to its desires and, of course, the sharing of knowledge.

Coworking possible at desks in an open space.

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