Le Rossignol

Le Rossignol

The Rossignol offers a lovely gastronomic surprise with a Mediterranean touchr. The menu card is short. It is regularly changed, and the menus combine high quality at affordable prices.

Chef Willy Rossignol pampers his guests with the great expertise he acquired in prestigious restaurants such as the Lausanne Palace and the Mirador Kempinsky. Is it the influence of Chef Edgard Bouvier at the Lausanne Palace or the inspiration of his Tuscany wife - Mara welcomes the guests in the dining room with her sunny accent - that gave rise to Willy’s passion for Mediterranean dishes? Probably a bit of both! The generosity of the southern gastronomy can be found in each dish on the menu card. There is but little choice because the Chef changes the card every six weeks and according to the seasons. Among the Chef’s favourite ingredients are white truffles, sea fish and veal cooked to perfection. The desserts all are deliciously Italian. The very interesting wine selection deserves special mention: it is inspired by the couple’s friend Paolo Basso, the world’s best sommelier.


Le Rossignol
avenue du Léman 36
CH-1005 Lausanne

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