Skate park Hall 36

HS36 – Skate park hall Sévelin 36

A closed-down hangar converted into a “temple of pleasure on wheels” by the unpaid addicts of the “La Fièvre” association and unemployed people. The result? One of the first indoor facilities in Europe, with a bowl, modular street area, quarter pipes, funboxes, slide bars and ramps for the enjoyment of skateboarders, skaters and other bike triallists from the age of 10 (recommended age).

Located in the Sévelin district, the HS36 skate park is one of the pioneers of street sports in Europe. Following several modifications and renovation in the course of 2011, it is now once again a hot spot for sliding and gliding in Lausanne, welcoming riders of all disciplines and ages from far and wide.


Avenue de Sévelin 36
CH-1004 Lausanne

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