Flon, Lausanne - © LT/ Laurent Kaczor

Lausanne in short

Lausanne: just one of many towns? Its scenery, its history and its inhabitants have made it a place with a charm of its own. The smallest city in Switzerland – but the Olympic Capital all the same – is distinguished by the unique atmosphere of the site it occupies.

Its undulating contours afford residents and visitors spectacular glimpses over Lake Geneva and the Alps. The wealth of its cultural life is exceptional, while its modest size keeps it on an eminently human scale.

A bastion of training and research, its campuses have built a solid reputation all over the globe. A leisurely stroll is enough to discover stunning parks and gardens, bustling shopping districts and a fine architectural heritage. To discover Lausanne is to know the quality of life that makes it such a unique city

  • History

    The earliest traces of habitation date back to 6000 B.C. During the Gallo-Roman era the vicus was known by the Celtic name of Lousonna.

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  • Geography

  • Economy

    First a hub for people and goods and an affluent city on the shores of Lake Geneva with an excellent medical reputation, Lausanne has experienced massive growth to become a city with a population of 300,000 and 170,000 jobs.

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  • Olympic Capital

    Lausanne is the Olympic Capital, to say it is THE Olympic Capital is not bragging.

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  • Training and research

    Lausanne is proud of having become a point of reference in several fields of higher education.

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  • A city in figures

    In order to discover Lausanne in figures, here are a few statistical curiosities, some demographic data and other official facts.

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  • Attractions

    In Lausanne, the development of the city is synonymous with qualify of life! Lausanne is a great place to live! Local residents and temporary visitors are well aware of this.

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  • A visit?

    Are you coming to Lausanne for the first time or do you know it like the back of your hand? Whatever the case may be, this section will be your guide among marked paths and original itineraries.

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  • Art and culture

    The cultural city of Lausanne is multifaceted and vibrant: from Vidy to Vallon and on to Flon and Malley, great names and discoveries accompany you throughout your cultural getaways.

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