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Lausanne, beacon of medical expertise and city of care

Lausanne has been known throughout the world for centuries as a city that enjoys a very high standard of care, excellent medical specialists, luxurious clinics and sumptuous spas, as well as leading-edge research centres. It therefore offers the perfect blend of all aspects of well-being: being welcomed, cared for, revitalised, regenerated, beautified, relaxed, pampered and even spoiled.

 As well as finding the whole range of services in the field of health, women and men aware of the need to look after their body can also relax their mind, as the town’s climate and stunning natural surroundings lend themselves perfectly to that. In Lausanne, visitors breathe in fresh, clean air while contemplating the broad expanse of Lake Geneva, dominated by the majestic Alps.


Lausanne, “medical Mecca”

Lausanne boasts of a long tradition of hospitality in the area of medicine and health care. For centuries, great clinicians have conferred on the city an international reputation. Among these was the famous Dr Tissot (1728-1797) – to whose practice patients would flock from all over Europe – as well as many others, not least of whom César Roux, considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern surgery. From the 19th century onwards, universities started to provide vocational training in medicine whilst hospitals, hospices, maternity clinics and private clinics were built so that leading medical doctors could practise their art.

Since then, facilities have continuously evolved and know-how been honed. “Standing on the shoulders of giants”, the more than one thousand Lausanne doctors from all walks of life provide care in all medical specialties. Many of them have been trained locally, either at Lausanne University’s Faculty of Medicine and Biology or the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Among Lausanne specialists, a few names stand out, such as the famous heart surgeon René Prêtre or Dr Rayan Baalbaki, a rising star in foot surgery. They practise in the town’s numerous establishments, from the Vaud University Hospital Centre (CHUV) to luxury private clinics, not to mention hospitals, maternity clinics and outpatient services. To complement the range of services in health care, many alternative medicine specialties treat health issues with gentle approaches: acupuncture, shiatsu, hypnosis, therapeutic massage, reiki, homeopathy, art therapy or aromatherapy.


Living a healthier, longer and better life

Lausanne and the Lake Geneva region are brimming with luxurious private clinics focused on beauty, well-being, getting back into shape and longevity. The first-rate care they provide is the result of a subtle symbiosis of the outstanding know-how of medical practitioners, the best of today’s medical technology, and the high quality of welcome and hotel services.

As the area is a global reference in healthcare and cosmetic surgery, several private establishments in Lausanne provide cutting-edge treatments in those fields. Clinique Montchoisi is highly specialised in cosmetic surgery, in addition to radiology and ophthalmology, whereas Clinique Lemanic and Clinique Matignon offer sophisticated treatments for women and men on a quest for beauty, slenderness and rejuvenation. Medical practitioners of the former two clinics seek the most appropriate and least invasive solutions available to enhance their patients’ natural beauty.

Close to Montreux, Clinique La Prairie‘s vocation is to help its clients live longer and in better health, thanks to a holistic curative and preventive approach based on four pillars: medical care, nutrition, movement and well-being. Each of these programmes aims to guarantee the physical, mental and emotional balance of its patients so that they become the architects of their own vitality.

Patients are special kinds of guests and in the private clinics of Lausanne and the surrounding area, each is welcomed and accompanied as a unique person, in a manner respectful of his or her needs and culture. In addition to cutting-edge medical treatments, these establishments guarantee first-class hotel services, rooms of great comfort with a warm welcome, hostesses exclusively devoted to the well-being of patients and personalised services.


A soothing lifestyle to recharge one’s batteries

Body and mind seeking restfulness and serenity will find in Lausanne a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle and soothing natural landscapes: the largest lake in Western Europe, the mighty snow-capped Alps and the Lavaux terraced vineyards, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Spas, at the heart of luxury

For guests visiting Lausanne who wish to savour a moment of respite and unwinding, what could be better than a few hours of chilling out and wellness? The town’s three five-star hotels welcome you in their prestigious spas, genuine temples of well-being in supreme settings of luxury and comfort.

Separate hammams and saunas for men and women, as well as swimming pools, jacuzzi, gyms, beauty centres and relaxation areas await you with open arms. Aromatic massages, a Japanese aroma and flower bath, rejuvenating beauty care or a tropical rain walk in the changing rooms will envelop you in a sensation of luxury, tranquillity and voluptuousness.


The small joys of everyday life

To forget daily stress and take care of ourselves, Lausanne harbours a wealth of suggestions, from the most classic to the most original. To pamper yourself, you can choose between an appointment at the hairdresser’s, an express manicure, a make-up session in a department store (Manor and Globus) or a gentle fish-nibbling pedicure.

Would you be tempted by an unforgettable yoga session on a deck facing the lake? Head towards the Jetée de la Compagnie during the summer. You can also take care of mind and body at L’Assise – Third Place, a “conscious café” complete with yoga studio, meditation and creative workshop open to all, located between Ouchy and the train station.

When travelling, it can be quite a challenge to eat light and healthy food that will sustain you for the discovery of the city. Over the last few years, many healthy eating spots have popped up in the Olympic Capital. To name only a few, there is La Pause and its takeaway poke bowls, dishes made from local, seasonal and organic products at the Fraisier, the 100% natural dishes served at Takinoa or the BioTruck’s Buddha bowls and other vegetarian takeaways. Several vegetarian or vegan eateries are spread across town such as Tibits, the Végé Café or the Veganopolis Café.

Links (websites in French):

Beauty care

  • Walk-in manicure: the Nail Bar,
  • Walk-in brow grooming: the Brow Bar,
  • Fish pedicure: Zen Fish Spa (Cugy, about 10 km from the town centre),

Relaxation and wellness

Healthy eating


Lausanne, a beacon of medical expertise

A combination of first-class specialists, university training, cutting-edge research and institutions: the Lausanne health hub is ideally positioned to take part in highly advanced medical engineering programmes. The city is at the heart of the Health Valley, the region around Lake Geneva that gathers hundreds of biotech and medtech research centres and companies.

In another field, the new AGORA cancer research cluster located close to the Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) brings together more than 300 doctors, researchers and bioengineers. The innovative architecture and open-plan design of its building are geared towards facilitating the transfer between disciplines, researchers and clinicians to find solutions to the multiple challenges presented by this disease.

In addition, medical research projects of global interest in multiple specialties lead many international congresses – sometimes gathering thousands of participants – to choose Lausanne as their host city. The town’s medical vocation plays its part, of course, but success in this area relies particularly on the commitment of Lausanne doctors, professors and scientists who get involved in the organisation of these international meetings and give their support to their town’s bid.

It has to be noted that the hosting of congresses depends on the successful interaction between a series of factors:

  • the presence of research hubs, professors or other renowned figures;
  • logistics;
  • facilities (conference venues with sufficient capacity)
  • and, finally, the tourism expertise and services, from preparing the application to organising social activities for participants, not forgetting handling accreditation and managing accommodation.

The Congress & Event Department of Lausanne Tourisme is at your disposal to help you organise your congress. Further information on .