In Lausanne, the development of the city is bound up with culture!
The abundance and variety of Lausanne's cultural provision are exceptional in a town of this size. But it's not just sheer quantity that sets Lausanne apart – it's also the quality, originality and accessibility of that provision.
Cultural production in Lausanne covers every sphere of the arts, although dance, opera and theatre give the city a particularly high profile on the Swiss and international stages. Prestigious institutions such as the Ballet Béjart, the Lausanne Opera and the Vidy-Lausanne Theatre thus play the role of ambassadors for Lausanne abroad.

Among the twenty or so of the town‟s museums are some that are utterly unique, such as the Olympic Museum or the Collection of Art Brut, a point of reference for marginal art. There is also the Elysée Museum, dedicated entirely to photography, the only one of its kind in French-speaking Switzerland.

Cultural heritage is omnipresent in Lausanne. At the heart of the city it is embodied by the majestic Gothic cathedral and the historical Cité district, while the remains of ancient Roman dwellings can be found on the outskirts. Finally, thanks to the multitude of festivals and the innumerable small drama companies and experimental theatres that bring life to the districts, culture is permanently within everyone‟s grasp here.



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