Jaja Bar-Club

Rue de la Barre 1
The lounge area on the ground floor plunges us into an old-school ambience with a cosy and friendly décor. Opposite the tiled-mirror wall, the Sardine team is in charge of the bar. And because we always feel a bit peckish during the evening, we can indulge in boards of snacks to share (or not), homemade by the Sardine’s chef, Alexis le Tadic.
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The Sardine restaurant’s After, with its “Glitz & Glam” atmosphere inspired by London’s old-time fashion and its colourful and sparkling setting, surprises and breaks the moulds.

By stepping down the small staircase covered in leopard print, we reach the club area with its almost intimate atmosphere under the basement’s great stone vault. At the end of the week, the music of DJ sets flows through the place. It’s time to go dancing!
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