Quais d’Ouchy

Built in 1901, the lakeside walk links the old port (1793) and the Haldimand Tower (1823), previously located on an island - an oddity it shared with the Château d’Ouchy (12th century).
On foot, as a couple, by bike, in a convertible, with the family, in a coach, on roller blades, alone or with friends - the entire population of Lausanne and countless tourists parade along Ouchy quays. There are no less than three major parks along its one-kilometre length: Elysée; Olympic Park; Denantou.

In summer, the quays of Ouchy are closed to motorised vehicles on weekends: whether on foot, skateboard or bike, the street is yours!
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Quai d'Ouchy
1007 Lausanne


Useful information

Bus 2: Ouchy-Olympique
Metro M2: Ouchy-Olympique

What the Lausanners think
«Impossible to end my day without a short walk by the Ouchy lakeside. The ideal place to observe a magnificent sunset on the lake with the Alps as a backdrop. I love the atmosphere that emerges from the children at play, skateboarders and other artists.»
Alexandre, the souvenir maker
Alexandre, the souvenir maker
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