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On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the journey is the reward. This tour takes you on a trip of 1,600 kilometers through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland and shows you how diverse, multifaceted and spectacular our country is.

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1003 Lausanne

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It features three sumptuous Lausanne gardens, situated one after the other along the quays: the Denantou, the Elysée, a little further back, and the Olympic Park, but also the rose garden of Place du Général Guisan, which boasts more than 130 different species of rose. Finally, from the CGN landing stages located at the bottom of the Dapples gardens you can embark for a unique cruise over Lake Geneva.

Cruise on Lake Geneva (CGN)

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For a romantic or a gourmet cruise or simply to cross Lake Geneva, the ships of the General Navigation Company are a must during your vacation in Switzerland. Embark at Lausanne-Ouchy and travel to one of the forty ports on the Swiss or French shores of Lake Geneva.

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You travel through four language regions, across five Alpine passes, and along 22 lakes and visit 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two biospheres.
In other words, you enjoy an intensive taste of Switzerland and experience its array of scenic and cultural charms.

The circuit also crosses Lausanne and its immediate surroundings: hugging the shoreline of Lake Geneva, it crosses the Lavaux vineyard (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and passes in front of the Olympic Museum before arriving on the campus of the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) with its architectural gems. Needless to say, a detour through the old town is highly recommended!

The Grand Tour of Switzerland:
- is diverse and spectacular
- takes you past the most beautiful scenery to the attractions
- guarantees several tourist highlights every day
- mainly runs along wide and safe roads that are easy to drive on
- can be driven in either direction, although Switzerland Tourism recommends travelling clockwise
- follows mountain passes with longer opening times or offer the option of loading the car onto a train
- crosses over five Alpine passes, runs along 22 lakes and passes by 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two biospheres
- can be accessed from all geographic regions (Basel, Geneva and Chiasso)
- is around 1,600 kilometers or 1,000 miles in distance
- can be completed in seven days if you drive five hours per day or in ten days if you add some excursions
- is geared primarily to cars and motorbikes. Larger vehicles are likely to encounter some restrictions.

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