Lausanners’ urban allotments

It’s difficult to grow your own fruit and vegetables when you live in town. Difficult, but not impossible. The Lausanne allotments and community kitchen plots, spread across the whole town, are evidence of that. An opportunity to get closer to nature as well as to neighbours.

The Vaud capital decided very early on to allow nature to do its work in public spaces. Today, it is among the greenest cities in Europe. From some angles, Lausanne seems like a large garden. For close to three decades, the town has been a pioneer in the maintenance of its green areas.

In the same vein as its urban allotments, Lausanne encourages its inhabitants to tend their own gardens. Over 20 years, about 15 community kitchen plots have materialised in the densely populated areas. In the concrete surroundings of the Place de la Riponne, vegetables, fruit and aromatic herbs grow in huge planters set up in front of the pop-up terrace of La Grenette.


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