Café St-Pierre - © Café St-Pierre

A Lausanne brunch

Particularly popular among inhabitants, whether taken with friends or as a family, the brunch is an opportunity to discover high-quality local products.

Chateau St-Maire - © LT/

A visit to the old town

For eight millennia, the site of Lausannes original settlement has been wedged between lakeshore and the “Cité”. The medieval city developed around the Cité promontory sculpted by the Flon and Louve rivers.

Flon - © Sébastien Closuit

A wander through the trendy Flon district

Flon is the heart of the city of Lausanne, pulsing with life, day and night, in a modern and innovative setting. It’s the town’s architectural success: this district of former warehouses that begins at the Place de l’Europe was rehabilitated as a living area with a wide array of restaurants, bars, c...

Terrasse du Bourg plage - © LT/

A lunchtime break in the sun

Trendy, student-friendly, hidden away, with a panoramic view, in the city centre or surrounded by greenery: a small selection of the most beautiful terraces in Lausanne.

Shopping au Flon - © LT/

An afternoon shopping in Lausanne

Shopping becomes part of the enjoyment in Lausanne, where every variety of shop is represented within easy walking distance in the city centre. There is something to suit every taste among the luxury watchmakers, the boutiques with designer clothes and accessories, enticing chocolateries, open-air markets and shops selling gifts and other typically Swiss souvenirs.

Ouchy - © LT/ Laurent KACZOR

A walk along the promenade at Ouchy

Built in 1901, the lakeside walk links the old port (1793) and the Haldimand Tower (1823), previously located on an island - an oddity it shared with the Château d’Ouchy (12th century).

Chateau St-Maire - © LT/

A stroll taking in the panoramic views of Lausanne

Set on a hillside facing Lake Geneva and the mountains, Lausanne offers walkers a series of extensive panoramic views. This downhill stroll allows you to discover the 10 most beautiful viewing points, offering so many different perspectives from which to appreciate the city and its surroundings.

The Olympic Museum - ©  CIO/Lydie Nesvadba

A visit to the Olympic Museum

Closed until further notice -- The Olympic Museum presents the cornerstones of olympism – sport, art and education – through its ultra-modern, interactive facilities. The most visited museum in Lausanne was founded by the ICO on the banks of Lake Geneva.

D! Club - © D! Club

A little bit of Lausanne nightlife

When it comes to nightlife in Switzerland, Lausanne has been a leading light since the 1990s, with a reputation that attracts people who enjoy evening festivities from all over Switzerland and Europe.