Bel-Air Tower and Salle Métropole

Built in 1932 by Alphonse Laverrière, Bel-Air Tower was based on the American model (with a metal framework covered in stone). Standing at a height of 55 metres, this was one of Switzerland’s first “skyscrapers”.
At the time, many Lausanne residents were opposed to its construction, claiming that its size would compete with that of their beloved Cathedral. The Salle Métropole situated at the foot of the tower has welcomed numerous stars since the 1930s, including dancer Joséphine Baker and trumpeter Louis Armstrong. Many shows are still held there throughout the year.


Place Bel-Air
1003 Lausanne


What the Lausanners think
«How not to notice the building that takes centre stage in the heart of the city? I can’t stop myself from taking all manner of pictures and from all possible points of view! It’s even more interesting when you know it’s Switzerland’s first skyscraper! With its air of New York and unusual shape, there are many ways of showcasing it.»
Alexandre, the souvenir maker
Alexandre, the souvenir maker
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