Boats Rental Ouchy

You don't need to have a licence or genuine sea legs – just choose your favourite means of transportation and let yourself float over the waves of Lake Geneva. You can work on your suntan while sailing past the coastline or satisfy your longing for the open water.
Boats Rental Ouchy, located right next to the port, offers a range of pedal boats (seating for 1 to 5), with or without a slide, and motorboats not requiring a licence (seating for 1 to 6).

Discover sunny Lausanne from the lake’s perspective while gliding past the sumptuous Beau-Rivage Palace, the unmistakable Olympic Museum, and the legendary Château d'Ouchy. And on the other side of the lake, the lofty Alps have never looked so beautiful.

Changing rooms available.
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Bateaux Location Ouchy
Place du Vieux-Port 4
1006 Lausanne


+41 76 436 04 31



From 01 Apr 2021 to 31 Aug 2021
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