IMD Business School

The IMD business school is one of the most prestigious in-service training institutions in the world. Dedicated to training senior executives from medium-sized and large companies around the globe, the IMD provides courses in English directly related to the realities of the business world.
The IMD is the result of a merger in 1990 between two independent colleges founded in the mid-20th century by two multinationals, Alcan and Nestlé. Every year, 8'000 students – who range from junior managers to members of the boards of directors in multinational companies and represent a hundred or so nationalities – choose from the 20 study programmes on offer, including an 11-month course leading to a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and an Executive MBA (EMBA) for experienced managers. The IMD employs around sixty teachers of nearly 20 different nationalities who are leading experts in their particular field. The quality of education at the IMD is world class, putting the institution among the best of its kind at international level.


Chemin de Bellerive 23
1001 Lausanne


+4141 21 618 01 11


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